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Melanie Martin is at last speaking publicly about Aaron Carter, their son Prince, and her apparent battle with his estranged family.
One month after the untimely death of the former Disney star, his on-again, off-again fiancée reveals everything that has transpired in the days afterwards. As previously reported, despite Aaron’s family not asking her to his spring funeral ceremony, the 30-year-old stated that she did not “want any bad blood” with the family. She merely wished for “Prince to be cared for and Aaron’s legacy to endure.” In her first interview since the terrible death of the I Want Candy singer, the now-single mother provides additional perspective.

After giving birth to their son in November of last year following a terrible miscarriage, the proud parents lost custody in March due to the singer’s drug problems and their ongoing relationship difficulties. Prince has since been residing in Lake Forest, California with Melanie’s mother. Tuesday, the beauty influencer revealed with regret to The U.S. Sun, “I can’t share specifics, but we both regret the comments that caused us to lose custody of our kid. However, we were both attempting to retrieve him. He was seeing our son, while I was seeing our boy with my mother, and he was trying very hard. It was excessive. I believe that it greatly worried him out. We engaged in couples therapy for an entire year, while he had outpatient rehabilitation. And we were taking lessons on parenting and similar topics, which were lengthy and costly. It was one of the most difficult years, and now it’s even more difficult for me.”
The mother disclosed that she enjoys regular, unsupervised visits with the 1-year-old, whereas Aaron enjoyed supervised visitation previous to his death. She informed the source that she is close to regaining sole custody and has even relocated into an apartment near her mother’s property after the I’m All About You singer put her former home on the market.

Jane Carter, the mother of Aaron, stated she had no desire to litigate for his estimated $550,000 fortune in real estate and personal belongings, but believes the assets should go to Prince since the 34-year-old died intestate. She added revealed she and the rest of the Carters have not yet seen the infant, since their relationship with Aaron was difficult, but wants the late star’s twin sister Angel Carter to be the administrator of his estate, according to a Los Angeles court filing.
However, when asked if she wanted to be the administrator herself, Melanie told the U.S. Sun: “My lawyers are handling that right now and we will see the conclusion of what occurs, the judge will decide. We had numerous assets. He was purchasing an abundance of watches, automobiles, and footwear. As soon as he earned money, he would donate it and then squander the remainder. I utilised all of my savings to keep my household afloat, paying mortgages, electricity, and a great deal more.”

The Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles is scheduled to host a hearing on January 25 of next year. On the positive side, it appears the Carter family is reconsidering their decision to exclude Melanie from Aaron’s memorial service next year, as she informed the publication, “I’ve been told I’m allowed to go. I do not know if this is a funeral or simply the scattering of his ashes. I believe they have changed their minds. I hope so, we need closure, it will be very difficult, but it’s for the memories and for Prince to see when he’s older. We have all been in mourning for Aaron, and we hope that when they meet baby Prince, everything will be okay.

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